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When I finished the shooting with the beautiful Angelique, we went out of the studio and walked over to our cars. As part of the shooting payment, she asked me to keep the black spandex disco pants for her own closet. Easy thing, I`m always happy to get shiny spandex stuff on the streets. So in the end, she kept wearing the last outfit when we left the studio. Walking on the street she wanted to light herself a cigarette. Great idea I thought, dressed like this, this made her the Moncler Alpine smoking girl.

So I took the chance and asked her if I can take another series of her smoking in that outfit. She accepted and started to really enjoy her girl’s cigarette. While the sun was shining and brightening and shining her clothes, she inhaled the smoke and left some great wads of smoke for you. See her as a smoking girl, she really loves the idea to tease smoking fans from all over the world.

The beige Moncler Alpine jacket fits her like charme when she moves it and cuddles into it as if it was hers. The fine shiny fabric was nicely illuminated by the natural sunlight on this cold spring day, so that it also kept her warm and comfy.

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