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The most enjoyable¬†shootings with Ewa were the outdoor sessions. Like this one on an early summer day somewhen in the year 2008. As I knew Ewa for quite a while now, I was aware of her kinkiness for shiny, tight spandex. As a matter of fact, I did plan this shooting to be a spandex only one. I had filled my clothes bag for this outdoor shooting with a variety of colourful and shiny clothes. When we arrived at the lake shore I had selected as location, Ewa couldn`t resist unpacking the whole bunch of clothes from the bag. Going through the bunch of clothes, a pair of shiny Adidas satin shorts draw her attention. “This is going to be the first outfit”, she told me, holding a black spandex string leotard and that red Adidas satin shorts.

With this intention, she left to redress. After a few moments, she returned to the scene. In short, it was an amazing look. I could hardly hold my camera without shaking during the first photos. By the time and with more photos I took, the safety returns and so the last photos are the best.

Enjoy Ewa during her early experiences in spandex.

Ewa in Adidas satin shorts – preview pictures
Red satin shorts from Adidas Red satin shorts from Adidas Red satin shorts from Adidas