This Adidas swimsuit was made from fine tight and shiny spandex.

... series as a secretary with shiny spandex leggings, white top, heels and glasses.

Seeing the shiny photos of this curvy girl, consequently wearing shiny clothes ...

... but it was fitting the skinny girl Peggy like a charm too.

The Speedo swimsuit fits her body really like a 2nd skin. Alongside the fine shine of the fabric, this very tight swimsuit reveals more then it hides.

I sent all my shiny spandex swimsuits and bikinis over to them and got a bunch of very nice series in return.

I decided Janie should wear some sports outfit. In detail, she got to dress shiny red spandex leggings and a black wet-look spandex top.

... I asked her to undress down to the blue shiny tight spandex leotard ...

I got through my prepared pile of cloth and got out the golden Zentai.

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