... she added the shiny Southpole down jacket, I was bowled over ...

The red jacket you see on these pictures is the first ever made OCO Pure downjacket.

Calvin Klein downcoat, the matching shiny black spandex leggings and brown Buffalo leather boots.

I asked her to dress in shiny black spandex leggings, just bra and the black downcoat.

... she was wearing that shiny tight blue Nike spandex leggings and ...

She tried it on and it was just a little tight on her, looking like a Bomber jacket.

She dressed a nice tight blue jeans and this shiny green nylon downjacket. Her flashing red hair and the luminous eyes attracting every passengers attention.

Almost every day during the colder days from Autumn to Winter, she was wearing that brown PVC downjacket. One day he took the chance to get his hands on that jacket.

Additionally to the shiny black spandex leggings, Ella selected this brown puffy expedition style outdoor down jacket for one of the first series.

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