Nadine was kind enough to bring along a pair of Buffalo tower boots.

Gemma`s closet was filled with shiny nylon and shiny spandex rave wear.

So what you see here is a Technogirl from the mid-2000s, ready to party on a rave. Light blue spandex top, wide light blue nylon techno pants, and black Buffalo boots.

Back in the Techno age, these company produced some of the finest rave wear on this planet. Thinking of the tight and shiny spandex top Nadine is wearing, I recall, ...

As I selected Technogirl as theme for this shooting, my choice for the first outfit was this shiny nylon pink raver pants and the silky satin bomber jacket.

... you see her favourite techno pants - shiny spandex from Lieblein Design. The turquoise spandex top was from my drawer, while the black Swear boots on her feet ...

After having done some solo series with techno clothes and raver pants, they both asked me if I want to see something more private, some girl-girl scene.

What I got was a very photo loving Techno girl with almost no reservation, but this shy look of a deer. Absolutely lovely in my eyes.

Going through her own drawer, she got this nice little green shiny spandex bikini triangle top. To complete this techno girl outfit, we found the matching Buffalo shoes in her own wardrobe.

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