Adidas shorts – Tina in a shiny gym outfit

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In the year 2005, I have been visiting a friend in Leipzig. As he knows about me taking photos, he asked around in his circle of friends for new models. On the day of my arrival, I, together with him, spend a few hours casting girls. With my shooting ideas in mind, I was looking for slim girls with a nice sporty shape. Although we have been meeting with about ten girls, only two were worth a booking. In other words, less variety as planned. A few days later I set the shooting with red-hair Tina. In my suitcase, I had a bigger selection of sportswear, such as spandex leggings and Adidas shorts. Going through the selection, she really admired the Adidas shorts.

So it came, the 2nd series we did was her in a black gym outfit. She was wearing a shiny black spandex top and matching Adidas satin shorts. This shiny outfit points out her well-shaped body even more. The shiny satin fabric, loosely on her hip, is covering her small but tight backside. Imagine a girl dressed like that in your gym, do you get your weights done having such an eye catcher around?

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