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In my early photographer days, I used to work in music clubs or discos and use them as location before the party starts. In 2004, I got to shoot in another city with a girl I booked on a regular base. Upfront the shooting I tried to get a reasonable location there. The hunt was pretty hard, the result was almost zero after all. Lucky me, Nadine (the girl you see here in the Adidas spandex leotard) asked one of her ex-boyfriends. At that time he was involved in running a music club and this is how we got into the place.

Nadine was pretty much in shape in 2004, working out regularly and dancing on the weekends for living. You can see that on the photos, the Adidas spandex leotard is extremely tight-fitting on her body. The shiny spandex fabric reveals more than it hides. The bright blue gives a nice contrast on the white front application. To admit, the leotard was not cheap when I bought it. Adidas professional line is hard to get and they also demand a lot of money for that gear. But as you can see on the photos, it`s worth every cent!

When we arrived at the club, there were two guys working on the scene, repairing something. The room was filled with hammer blows and construction sound. Things changed in the second Nadine entered the scene dressed like this – silence and staring eyes from the guys. A pretty funny thing which happened not that often, but if you see this girl, absolutely understandable.

Blue spandex leotard and pantyhose – preview pictures
Adidas spandex leotard Adidas spandex leotard Adidas spandex leotard