Ballet pants and ballerinas

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Years ago I did a shooting with a model called Drea. We met in Hannover, which is a city almost central in Germany. In lack of a studio or another usable location, we decided it`s good to have a home shooting at her place. To start off this set, I asked her to wear a shiny nylon ballet pants and matching ballerina shoes. Of course, pants were not a problem as I had them with me. The ballerina shoes she took, surprisingly, out of her drawer.

I just looked at the shoes and was amazed, these were professional ballerinas, no fashion ones. In generally that`s not typical for a model to own such items. Therefore my next question was, where did you get that from? Her explanation surprised me, frankly speaking, she once had a boyfriend that loved to see her as a ballet girl. When they split up, she kept some of the stuff they used for fun. In other words, sometimes you got to be lucky as a photographer.

Said and done, combined with that shiny spandex milky way leotard from her wardrobe, we started to take photos. She perfectly understood my “needs” for this series, presenting the shiny nylon ballet pants and the leather ballerina shoes. It really helps if your model has some “special” interest too.

Enjoy the photo series we did for you, it was fun making.

Ballet pants and ballerinas – preview pictures
Ballet pants and ballerinas Ballet pants and ballerinas Ballet pants and ballerinas