Black downcoat outdoor shooting

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When starting to work with new models, the first shooting is always a challenge. You usually met the girl once before or just called or send some Whatsapp messages. When it comes to the personal contact and it gets serious with taking the photos, the toughest girls get shy. Same here with the natural beautiful Ella. She contacted me because of an ad I placed online and after sending some messages back and forth, we met for this outdoor shooting. Her first set was this black downcoat she`s wearing on the photos. In combination with her Adidas Neo leggings and those flat leather boots, it`s just looking great on her.

I`d chosen a very good shooting time, when the sun was rising over the forest, adding some beautiful light to the scene. The orange light and the dust created some lovely autumn mood. This adds some more beauty in the photos, creating a realistic look.

Ella felt very well during our shooting, the results are lovely. We did some more shootings during the next few months, until she moved away from Leipzig.

Black downcoat outdoor shooting – preview pictures
Black downcoat outdoor shooting Black downcoat outdoor shooting Black downcoat outdoor shooting