Black downcoat – Mercy teasing in shiny nylon

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Please give a warm welcome to the lovely Mercy. If you don`t know her yet, she got a quite famous Instagram profile Рfind it here. We`ve been talking for a while since I saw her pictures there. The shiny madness she`s showing, combined with her very special look, made me ask her for a shooting. Lucky me, she`s travelling to Germany from time to time. For her visit here this year, we finally arranged two days shooting appointment here in Leipzig. When we meet at the selected shooting location, which was her booked AirBnB apartment, my car was filled with stuff from my drawers. The most desired attractions she grabbed out from the pile of clothes was the Tianyou Textile black downcoat. She holds it in her hand and felt the shiny nylon. She instantly loved the smooth feeling of the fabric and the puffy down.

I asked her to dress in shiny black spandex leggings, just bra and the black downcoat. Alright, she said and when she got back from the dressing room, she looked just stunning. The black downcoat, going down to her feet, covering her completely, from head to toes. Awesome.

The shooting of the photo series went by very fast, one great look, one great pose after the other. Instantly Mercy was in her element, being the model. She just loved the coat, she hugged it, she felt it, she doesn’t want to undress it at the end. I hope you enjoy this photo series as much as I did enjoy creating it.

Black downcoat Рpreview pictures
Black downcoat teasing in shiny nylon Black downcoat teasing in shiny nylon Black downcoat teasing in shiny nylon