Black spandex rave wear and tower shoes

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I bought this black spandex rave wear set online, it was one of my first online purchases. During the early 2000s, before the Amazons and ZalandosĀ popped up and turned everything upside down, online shopping was not really comfortable. The store was literally spoken nothing more but a catalogue. To order, I had to call or send an e-mail to the owner. On the other hand, this created nice contacts to work with. The store I found during the early 2000s is now long gone. However, this garment set is still in my pool and did not loseĀ its attraction.

When I asked one of my former neighbours to model for me, I did not expect her to agree. While we were enjoying some dinner and drinks together, the talks came on to the websites I ran. Out of a silly idea of mine, I simply said – let`s have a shooting for that together. As if she`d been waiting for that, she agreed almost instantly.

We went through the pile of clothes together and she selected this outfit for the shooting. The black wet-look shine of the black spandex rave wear attracted her she said when she made this choice. Anyway, this set looks stunning on her, curve-kissing her slim body.

Black spandex rave wear – preview pictures
Black spandex rave wear and tower shoes Black spandex rave wear and tower shoes Black spandex rave wear and tower shoes