Blue down vest girl outdoor

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On a beautiful sunny winter day, I took a ride to a nearby city. I took the chance to have a short photo shooting with Ella there. Within the shooting clothes, I had this blue down vest. As it was beautiful but cold on this day, I decided she should wear a jacket underneath it. First of all, she really did not want to do that. It would not look nice she said.

In combination with the lovely black PVC leggings, the outfit is a really nice eye-catcher. When she pulls over the down vest, I was quite stunned. The shine of the leggings together with the soft and smooth sheen of the nylon jacket and vest let me take more than 100 photos. Once we had this series done, she really did not want to undress from these clothes. She really felt comfortable wearing the vest over the down jacket.

After selecting the best out of the stock and retouching the remaining, I put these series together. During this selection work, I did really moan about some of the photos I had to take out. But due to light and focus problems, not every photo made it into the final file.

Blue down vest girl – preview pictures
Blue down vest Blue down vest Blue down vest