Blue downjacket and see-trough Adidas leggings

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It`s been a while since I first saw a jacket like this on the streets. Being out shopping with the family, my eyes almost stuck on a dark-haired woman standing close to use. She was wearing a blue downjacket with some pink sign on the shoulder. I did not see that before, so it immediately got my attention. When I tried to get into her direction low-key, without anyone noticing, she unexpectedly left the store with her boyfriend. Both were in a hurry obviously, so I didn`t get to see them again this day.

A few days later, I was sitting at a local cantina having lunch with colleagues, it almost hit me like a flash. The woman in that blue jacket entered the room, followed by another woman. The other woman recognized one of my colleagues, waved on him and both came over to our table. As there were chairs left, they just took a seat and ordered their lunch. The dark-haired lady sitting to my left hand undressed her jacket and so I had the chance to see it in detail and recognize the label.

A short search on Google and a visit on Amazon made me the owner of this jacket too. I love to use it at photo shootings. Especially if working with such great girls like Lana. She`s wearing that blue downjacket combined with see-through Adidas leggings and brown Buffalo leather boots.

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Blue downjacket Blue downjacket Blue downjacket and Adidas leggings