Blue spandex leotard and pantyhose

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At some time in the early very 2000s, I took the chance to team up with a friend doing a spandex shooting in Czechia. After quite a long travel, we met in a club just behind the border. The models were already waiting for us, one girl yet dressed up. Even though I initially planned to do some technogirlies shooting there, I switched my mind completely. Seeing this lovely girl in that blue spandex leotard and pantyhose really changed my ideas.

So it was all said and done and I started the shooting with that lovely girl. Her well-shaped body really made her fit well into that blue spandex leotard – or course. In combination with that high DEN pantyhose, usually used at cheerleading sports, she made up a really nice spandex girl to look at.

In the end, I took more than 100 photos of her in that outfit. Obviously, she really liked that dress too, as she`s been posing nicely in front of the camera. After sorting and retouching, there are now 76 photos ready to be released. Enjoy that bargain series from almost 20 years ago.

Blue spandex leotard and pantyhose – preview pictures
Blue spandex leotard and pantyhose Blue spandex leotard and pantyhose Blue spandex leotard and pantyhose