Buffalo clogs and spandex

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Obviously Buffalo platform shoes is quite an in fashion item these days again. So time for me to get out this lovely set with Emily, a pair of Buffalo clogs and spandex leggings. I shot this set in the time everyone remembered Buffalo shoes from the techno age, but no one allowed himself to wear them anymore. The surprise when entering the set with these shoes was enormous. Emily was pretty aloof at the first few minutes. It looked like as if she would have an antipathy for this kind of shoes.

Being a pretty good talker, I got over the first minutes with that attitude of hers. After seeing some of the photos out of the cam, she was ok with the clothings. You can see that on the later photos, she looks more relaxed and comfortable.

When we came to the end with this set, she really admitted to me, these Buffalo clogs and spandex pants were more than comfortable. She said, she really never was a fan of those shoes in her childhood. But now, knowing how cushy these would wear, she would have loved to own a pair.

White Buffalo clogs and shiny silver nylon pants – preview pictures
Buffalo clogs and spandex Buffalo clogs and spandex Buffalo clogs and spandex