Buffalo towers dancing girl

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When shooting with Samira, one of the hardest tasks was to prevent her from dancing. She was touring the clubs as gogo dancer during these days and was, literally spoken, always dancing. For this series, I asked her to dance, although it would be hard to photograph. I tried to get her movements anticipated and focus the camera when she was in a short holding position. Sometimes this was working out like a charm, sometimes the pictures are blurred in some areas. More interesting is her outfit, including shiny spandex pants, shiny spandex top and Buffalo towers.

When I asked her to select the outfit herself from my drawers, she took out matching colours for her Red/Black Buffalo towers. As far as I remember, she owned a few pairs of this special boots. Being only 5ยด3 inches tall, they were very welcome.

Buffalo towers dancing girl – preview pictures
Buffalo towers dancing girl Buffalo towers dancing girl Buffalo towers dancing girl