Buffalo towers – Technogirl Candy Samira

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When it comes to special encounters in live, this meeting Candy Samira back in 2002 is something that special. Before she even thought about going into the adult industry, I got the chance to shoot with her. She was different from my usual models at that time, I found out soon. Meeting her at a local coffee after I placed a newspaper ad once again made me thinking – well she can do it? Arriving at my home studio about a week later, she wear that red/black Buffalo towers already.

Despite from our first meeting at the cafe, she`s been well made-up now. We simply started with technogirlies series, before switching over to spandex ones. This tight red spandex dress is something from both worlds. We combined it with her red/black Buffalo tower boots and it matched great with them. While Samira started dancing to techno music I had switched on, I did my best to cover her movements with my photos.

Back to the outfit of this series. We are speaking about a tight, usually much too small, spandex dress in bright red. When I selected this dress for her to wear, I thought about leather boots to complete the outfit. Obviously, she thought differently. As she returned from the dressing room, she had her big 15cm Buffalo tower boots on her feet. Speaking of today, this outfit is really fancy. Considered the time when we created this photo set, it was a great outfit to go out clubbing.

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Buffalo towers - Technogirl Candy Samira Buffalo towers - Technogirl Candy Samira Buffalo towers - Technogirl Candy Samira