CMP Downjacket and LovelySally Leggings

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Who knows CMP or Campagnolo, is aware of the great quality and craftsmanship these down jackets have. Each of the CMP downjackets is very fluffy and warm, while being made of shiny and soft nylon. I had the luck to get my hands on a wrapper like this and have to admit, it`s worth every Euro. Same with Lia, when she gets her hand on the CMP downjacket. She told me, she loves the soft touch and the nearly instant warm feeling when she pulled the jacket over. Despite other down jackets, this one got warm within seconds form her body heat. Incredible!

As the leggings, she is wearing, is also something special, this whole set is exceptional for me. Years ago, I followed a leggings brand named “Lovely Sally”. They created outstanding designs with high-quality fabric. Not that cheap, but quality first. When I sorted the market in my city, I stumbled across an ad offering a pair of leggings from that brand. Almost for the original price, but it was totally worth to try to get it. With that in mind, I contacted the seller, days later I managed to arrange a meeting and pick-up this special garment.

Even in 2020, this outfit on the set did not lose it`s charm to me. I still love that incredible shiny look of the jacket and remember the soft touch of the leggings fabric as well. For you, it`s 39 photos here, showing a pretty girl loving to wear both clothes and show off on the photos. Maybe you get the spirit too when you see the photos.

CMP Downjacket and LovelySally Leggings – preview pictures
CMP Downjacket and LovelySally Leggings CMP Downjacket and LovelySally Leggings CMP Downjacket and LovelySally Leggings