Colourful ravewear – Ravebabes from the club

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I can imagine better things than going through my photo archives, indeed. After not finding what I was looking for, the deep dive brought something to light, I did have forgotten. During the early days of 2012, I have been working with Cedi and Emily. As a suitable location, we had chosen a club here in Leipzig. The owners agreed quickly as I asked them to use the club in front of a big rave they had this day. While the guys were preparing their sound, lights and bars, we shooted sexy girls in colourful ravewear, old school retro amateur style.

Despite the fact, we had to move around the club guys and gals, the result is awesome. Using my old style Canon EOS 33 camera and analogue film for this, the photos look very retro. My idea was to create a look like of the early 2000s when these clothes were in fashion. I found the negatives when looking for the other photos, mentioned above. As I took them to digitalization service, I had quite a nice talk with a girl working there. She remembered well about parties and clothing from that golden age of Techno. When seeing the photos on her screen, she became very melancholic.

Nevertheless, here are Cedi and Emily, wearing classic colourful, shiny nylon, ravewear and Buffalo shoes. Enjoy this two girl retro photo series, very amateur style, very authentic. You`ll love it!

Colourful ravewear – preview pictures
Colourful ravewear and ravebabes from the club Colourful ravewear and ravebabes from the club Colourful ravewear and ravebabes from the club