Cordon ravepants from the late 90s – techno style

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Back in the golden age of techno, you could find ravepants in every party peoples closet. They were sold in many different shapes, colours and fabrics. One of the most famous brands at that time was the Berlin company, Cordon. At just about every party you met people with these clothes. In combination with ultimate high Buffalo shoes, it was the outfit of the time. The label Cordon was one of the leading brands at that time. Based in Berlin originally, they developed the wide and long rave pants as a mass product. They made the typical Cordon ravepants from shiny nylon outside, lined with thin cotton additionally. The pants came in a variety of colours, from Green to Beige or gold coloured.

The series that I have here for you shows a typical party outfit from this time. In addition to the black Buffalo Tower shoes, Nadine wears red Cordon ravepants and a short vest over the black bra. The whole outfit shines, with or without direct light. Nadine went to numerous parties like that, during her active time as a Go-Go Dancer, she always had a dance, dressed like this.

When we are talking about her active time as Go-Go Dancer, can you believe she wears her Buffalo Tower shoes almost 8 years for that?

Cordon ravepants and Buffalo tower shoes – preview pictures
Cordon ravepants and buffalo towers Cordon ravepants and buffalo towers Cordon ravepants and buffalo towers