Diabless downcoat military style

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It`s a few months ago that Ivette ( Click here for her facebook profile ) acquired this awesome Diabless downcoat from a friend of hers in France. We both had never seen this style somewhere and were eager to get it. I was absolute curious how it would look like when it`s been worn. After receiving the big package, I was happy to get Lana for an outdoor shooting. To complete my luck on this day, it snowed the night before, so the setting was perfect for downgear photos.

We went outdoor to an old industrial area. The old storage building is sprayed all over with Grafitti, making it a nice backdrop for such a rough looking cloth. When I got out this fat down style coat, Lana did not feign her interest in it. She actually developed a crush for that fat Diabless downcoat. For this series, I originally took about 150 photos. Now, after quite a while, it`s been hard to select the best to publish. It took me a while, but I think I made it. Enjoy this very special item presented by a special lady.

Diabless downcoat military style – preview pictures
Diabless downcoat military style Diabless downcoat military style Diabless downcoat military style