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Being a photographer is not the easiest job on the planet. Many of you may think – hey that guy is so lucky, having all these beautiful girls in front of his camera. They wear what he says like down jacket and purple spandex leggings. But friends, I can tell you, life can be hard. For the photo series here, I fought years to get the release rights. How can that happen, you are asking rightly so.

When I arranged the shooting with this girl quite a time ago, everything was fine. She agreed on the clothes, she agreed on the topic and the budget. We knew each other for a long time, so I did not think something problematic with her. Unfortunately, I forget the model release papers at home when driving to her city. No big deal usually, I send it by post or mail to print out afterwards. As I tried the same with her, she started to block communication. First of all, she didn`t reply to my messages, after sending the release on paper once again, I tried to call her. We argued a little on the phone and suddenly she told me, she won`t sign because of some private matters. I tried to talk her into signing several times, of course, but no way into.

Almost 3 years after I took these lovely pictures of her, presenting down jacket and purple spandex leggings, I visited her city for other reasons. And now guess who ran into me when I had my meeting in a public coffee? Yeah, life can be such a sucker. Apparently I took the chance and walked over to her, started talking about old times and long time no see and so on. It was quite obvious to me, this was kind of awkward for her. Without much around, I ask her if she remembers the promise she made me on our last meeting. On a napkin, I got some short sentences from her, where she releases the photos for me. Sometimes, you just have to force your luck.

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