Downcoat from Diabless – Cesara and her favorite winter style

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We have been hunting for a diabless downcoat for a while already. Seeing one in Paris for the first time back in the year 2008, it`s been always in my mind, looking out for one on almost every occasion. Finally with the help of a dear friend from Facebook, we made it to get one right out of France. He helped us buying a bunch of downcoats and downjackets from a french second hand platform website. Thank you for that 🙂

Unpacking the jackets when they arrived, it was truly clear for us, the first model to wear those awesome coats and jackets has to be Cesara. Said and done, a few days later we met for the shooting. Catching one of these lovely pre-spring days, when the sun comes out for more then 2 hours after the dark winter time. This and the acceptable temperatures made us to shoot outdoor.

So here you get them – the first pictures of our Diabless downcoat.

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Diabless Downcoat outdoor shooting Diabless Downcoat outdoor shooting Diabless Downcoat outdoor shooting