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Meeting Stacy Golden back in the year 2005, she was already working as a pro model. A friend of mine introduced me to her as we were out for a few beer. Meeting her in public, you would have never guessed she`s been that stunning model from her portfolio. Her public, non-professional look was so different, I could barely believe it when we met for the shooting. As of a lack of time on both sides, the first shooting took a while to take place. In late summer of 2005 we finally met at a friends house for a combined video and photo shooting. For this first set here, I asked her to wear an OCO Pure Twister downjacket, her high black platform boots and tight jeans.

In the first place, I didn`t realise what boots she brought with her. As I took a closer look before taking the first photos, they turned out to be Buffalo Boots, with the style T-24400. This glorious boot style from the mid 90s was a kind of Holy Grail of boot enthusiasts during these time. Even today, in good condition, you can easily pay around €200 and more for a pair.

When looking back today on the photos I took then, I still like them. From the technical point of view, they could have been better. But seeing the model, pose and clothes, it`s still a really good one 🙂

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Downjacket girl Stacy Golden Downjacket girl Stacy Golden Downjacket girl Stacy Golden