German technogirl in shiny nylon

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Sometimes, where you are at a party and are really enjoying it, you are meeting strange persons. Like this girl, Petra was her name, on that underground techno rave I attended in 2009. Even as the time for Buffalo shoes and shiny nylon ravewear almost ended already, she was wearing that kind of outfit. So I noticed her shortly after I entered the area. As she`s been the only girl in such a shiny outfit, she really stands out of the crowd. During the night, I got the chance to talk to this german technogirl.

I noticed she`s going to get a drink at one of the bars and joined her after a few moments. If you ever been at a rave, you know it`s pretty hard to communicate. Actually, when trying to speak to her, it was more like crying at her. At the first moment, she was not really into the idea to talk outside, but I made a few compliments and ordered a second drink for her. We were ready to go. As we took our way through the areas, I noticed she strokes her shiny nylon pants on and on. As we arrived outside, I started talking about her outfit, knowing it was special. After a while of talking, I asked her if she would model for me wearing that outfit. To my surprise, she suddenly was totally focused on that. In fact, she wanted to talk more about this.

At the end of the story, we left the party and had the shooting done in my apartment. That german technogirl really acted like there was no tomorrow. Posing, changing clothes, making silly things. After we finished, we chilled out together and in the early morning, she just left. When I get up that afternoon, I really did not know if this really happened. But it really took place – these photo series proof it.


German partygirl in shiny nylon – preview pictures
German partygirl in shiny nylon German partygirl in shiny nylon German partygirl in shiny nylon