Green spandex catsuit girl

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Ewa is a very special model to me. Despite the fact we were working together in numerous photo shootings, we are also good friends, even she stopped working as a model. Todays series of photos shows her in one of our first collaborations. It was planned to have a an outdoor spandex shooting actually. When the time arrived to pick her up, it started to rain heavily. So we changed plans and she got to wear that green spandex catsuit in our former appartment.

Ewa herself is usually not into bright colors. She spend most of her younger life in the gothic scene, wearing black and pink clothes. So, when I took out the colored spandex gear, she looked quite doubtful for a second. Her doubtful face changed when she got her hands on the soft fabric. When she returned from the dressing, feeling her body hugged by the fabric, all doubts disappearded. She really felt great with that shiny tight textile.

First we started with different colors, but that two green suits really flashed her. Once we were finished the round neck one, she returned instantly with the high-neck one from the dressing room. Finally, after taking almost 150 photos of a green covered Ewa, she smiled happily. Obviously, she was very pleased with the results. Of course, I was too. We called it a wrap and headed to other spandex clothes.

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