Green technopants and Buffalo Towers

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I have written a lot about one of my favourite models, Nicollè, so far. As she was one of the most passionate techno lovers I ever get to know, it was always special to work with her. Where other models acted coyly when it came to colourful ravebabe clothes, she was on fire from the very first second. Like with this series here, green technopants and her own Buffalo London tower shoes.

We met at her apartment for this shooting, it`s been cold and odd outside at that time. As she`s been moving to another location at that time, there wasn`t much inside the rooms anymore. But I took my chance to go through her drawers and see what she got. A vast selection of finest party girl styles and clothes been hidden behind 2 big doors in her cabinet. Touching and feeling this impressive collection made it really hard for me to select the stuff for the series I wanted to take. For the beginning, I started grabbing this green technopants made from finest shiny nylon. As a suitable addition, I asked her to wear her black Buffalo tower shoes to that.

Then she walked up to the bed from the dressing room and I got really flashed by that look. Her gorgeous blonde hair, that shiny nylon green technopants and that high Buffalo London tower shoes really made an impact. You guess that from my writing, I am still attired of that series I took over 10 years ago.

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Green technopants and Buffalo Towers Green technopants and Buffalo Towers Green technopants and Buffalo Towers