Down jackets and down coat – 2017 year collection

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My focus on down garment photos developed during the last years, while I was shooting video footage for another website. Having an interest in shiny puffy downwear myself, I started to shoot photos with my jackets collection too. The downgear section here at Spandexplanet is the result of this photo shootings. As I had a lot of photos on stock already and checked the net before going live with this site, I found, this going to be a nice addition.

When selecting the first series for this category, I selected models from the past. Photos I took a few years ago, not knowing if and where I could use them. What started as my private pleasure beside the video footage, had a good community impact. So over the year, there were a few shootings with down jackets and down coats I had.

When I look at my photo stock now, it`s hard for me to select the next series to update. I have a variety of great models wearing beautiful down jackets and down coats, so it`s very hard to choose from. I am thinking about a way to let you guys decide which series will be next.

I got quite a few ideas for the next year and a lot of new gear to be photographed and presented. So stay tuned and be curious.

Downvest girl - Purple downvest and shiny spandex leggings Southpole Downjacket OCO Pure downjacket Shiny downcoat, shiny spandex leggings Black downcoat teasing in shiny nylon
Black downjacket and blue Nike leggings Abercrombie & Fitch Downjacket Summer Downjacket and tight jeans Brown PVC Downjacket - full hood closure Brown shiny downjacket girl outdoor
Downjacket girl Stacy Golden Latina Downcoat model Cesara - brown Kjus Downcoat and shiny black spandex leggings Diabless Downcoat outdoor shooting Shiny blue Pamy downcoat and black leather pants Green Shiny Nylon Benetton Downjacket and Adidas Spandex Leggings
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