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When you think about rave babes or technogirlies, what comes to your mind? The glamour model you see on pro photo websites or fashion advertising? Unlikely, you will think about the girl next door you`ve seen in the club at the last weekend. Same happened to me as I asked Elza to model for me. During that time I did run the website technogirlies.de. At a night out during the week, I almost stumble upon her when she was about to hit the dancefloor. She dressed in that red leather rave pants, big Swear plateau boots and a tight beige crop top.

Vodka/RedBull always makes me brave, so after I had a few, I waited for the right moment to talk to her. At the first, she reacted very reserved, not saying yes or no, just listening. I talked her into a coffee date for the next days, to talk about it at a quieter place. She agreed to meet me, we exchanged mobile numbers and she left for the dancefloor again. Indeed, she was no top model and no eye-catcher. But she was a real rave babe, living this lifestyle even outside the clubs.

On the next day, we met at a small coffee house, she was dressed in Buffalo boots and a non-shiny rave pants. After explaining everything, she agreed to model for me. At the next weekend, we met at a local park for our first few photos. Consequently, I asked her to bring the outfit she wore when we first met. So I am still pleased to show you Elza in her red leather rave pants and the high Swear plateau boots.

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Leather rave pants Leather rave pants Leather rave pants