Moncler Alpine and black spandex disco pants

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Over a year ago now, Angelique contacted me using the form here on Spandexplanet. She did ask me if I would be interested in doing a shooting with her. I was absolutely surprised by that notice, but on the other hand, happy too. It took almost a year to find an appointment suitable for both of us. Finally, just a few weeks ago we had our very first shooting. As Angelique is tall and slim, she`s fitting into the small size Moncler Alpine quite perfect.

When she arrived at the studio location, I realized how tall she is in reality. With that knowledge in mind, I was worried about how my clothes will fit her. To find out how that works out, I let her wear that shiny spandex disco jeans and the beige Moncler down jacket. To my surprise, that tight spandex pants fit her like a charm. In all honesty, they fit her, like if they were sewed on her legs. At first, introduced the jacket as accessories to be on the chair she sits on. With the first photos done, I asked her if she would cuddle the jacket for a few pictures. Taking the soft and comfy down jacket in her hands, she felt the fabric and touched the fur collar. I could see it on her smile and her sparkling eyes, that she loved it.

So just after a few cuddling photos, she almost begged me to wear it. The beige colour really made a nice contrast to her black clothes, so I couldn`t resist taking many pictures of this combination. At the end, there were about 150 photos on the camera. After a sorting process and her vote, you can see 112 of them when buying this set.

Moncler Alpine and black spandex disco pantsĀ – preview Pictures
Moncler Alpine and black spandex disco pants Moncler Alpine and black spandex disco pants Moncler Alpine and black spandex disco pants