Moncler downjacket and shiny printed spandex leggings

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When thinking about the plans for 2018, I decided to have a different approach than in the years before. Instead of taking photos of girls I have to find and cast, I take models from agencies or booking websites. Seeing Emjay Rosso on Instagram, I find her a suitable candidate for the first shooting. I asked her for a booking when she┬┤s in the area and so it came she visited me just a week ago. As I received a package of down jackets from a dear friend, just days ago, I knew what to do. When I pulled out the green colour retro Moncler downjacket, Emjay was excited. She just loves colours and special clothing.

With this Moncler downjacket and a shiny printed spandex leggings from Nebelkind (get it here), we started the shooting. Emjay is a model very easy to work with. She knows how she looks, she knows how to pose. It was pretty much fun taking the photos. After a while, I asked her to undress the jacket, as we agreed to do nude photos too. Without any sensitivities, she pulled it off, presenting her natural look. I know such pictures are hard to find on the net, so I did quite a lot photos of her bare upper body, only partly or not covered by the shiny nylon Moncler downjacket.

Moncler downjacket and shiny printed spandex leggings – preview pictures
Moncler downjacket and printed spandex leggings