Moncler Verneuil – sensual Lana

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When I arranged this shooting with Lana I planned it to focus on down jackets like this Moncler Verneuil. I got it from a fellow friend and fan of my work a few weeks ago. Coupled with a pair of shiny black spandex leggings, this classic down jacket makes an awesome outfit for Lana. When I first used it in the shooting with Emjay Rosso some time ago, she quite loved it. So did Lana as I gave it to her, the soft nylon fabric and the special colour caught her attention.

Placing Lana in an empty living room with a natural light setting from the window gave the photos quite a nice atmosphere. As I was not using a flash or another source of artificial light, it`s been a photographic challenge. I had quite a hard time to give the spandex leggings and the Moncler Verneuil the correct light to have both shine. You might decide for yourself if I made it or not.

Moncler Verneuil and sensual Lana – preview pictures
Moncler Verneuil lime green Moncler Verneuil lime green Moncler Verneuil lime green