Red Nylon Techno Pants and Buffalos

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If I would have to name a favorite model of mine, Alexa would be on the list for sure. Meeting her first time in a public place, where she was running some catering, she did not get my attention initially. A few days ago, she responded to one of the local ads I place, looking for new models. When we met, for this reason, I did not get, why she pitched under my model radar the first time. When she arrived, turning around the corner, I was surprised when she wears red nylon techno pants and rare black buffalo tower shoes.

Remembering those days, I can`t help to think about a lot of girls like her wearing these special clothes. It was quite normal during this time. Nowadays, this would not be socially accepted I think, please change my mind if you have positive examples. Back to the story, when we arranged the shooting and talked about her styling. When it came to the clothing, she named a lot of clothes in her drawer, which perfectly fit the idea of the shooting.

On the day we had the shooting, she arrived with that beautiful red nylon techno pants. She wears that black Buffalo tower shoes as well, of course. It`s been an eye-opener for that shooting, perfectly setting the direction. Obviously, she was into that kind of clothes, as her bag was filled with a lot of similar gear. When we are talking about the first photo set, she suggested just wearing another top at first. Perfectly said and done, the first pics just fly in the camera, literally spoken. With that nice little down vest, she`s been a perfect techno girl, been ready for every party event.

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