OCO Pure downjacket – neighborhood girls wearing it

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A few years ago, I had the idea to start my own fashion brand. Related to my website theme, I planned to focus it on puffer down jackets and down coats. As soon as the first designs were made at my sourcing partners tailoring, I needed a name for the brand. The whole process was a struggle. You can`t imagine how hard it is to find a suitable name for products. Not even you have to care for a good sound and easy writing, you also have to care about copyrights. In essence, after a lot of discussions, I chose the name “OCO Pure”. The red jacket you see on these pictures is the first ever made OCO Pure downjacket.

When the jackets arrived, I wanted to present them as soon as possible. As I was not keeping track on my website business during that time, I was missing active models. So I got that first own downjackets in my hand, but got no one to dress them. At this moment, I was taking the last straw and asked my neighbor (black haired girl) and a colleague (blonde girl) to help me out.

Totally surprising both agreed to visit me and dress the jacket for a few photos. When I found these photos a few days ago in my archive, I couldn`t resist making them accessible again. Amateur girls, wearing rare OCO Pure downjacket in an amateur photo setting. The jacket itself never got into major production, after this first sample, I had another 5 pieces made. They sold out fast, but I changed my focus to another style after that.

OCO Pure downjacket – preview pictures
OCO Pure downjacket OCO Pure downjacket OCO Pure downjacket