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Years ago, a friend of mine met Kim at a local club. While they both started an affair, she got into our circle of friends. As luck would have it, she got to know about my photo projects. We had agreed to meet at my apartment to go out drinking something. On the same day, the post guy brought me that huge package. A customer of my websites had sent me down garment to work with. Being consequently snoopy, I couldn`t resist opening it, pulling out things. But Kim arrived early, surprising me while I still had all that down gear presented on the floor. As she saw the downgear, she didn`t was shocked. After a few seconds looking, she took the black Pamy downcoat and tested it with her hands.

She asked me if that was for my shootings or what else I do with women’s jackets. Apparently, my fellow friend had already told her about my projects. Quite interested in my work, she asked me if she could get a view on some photos I did and how much I pay. Perfect entry into a model recruiting. So I let her look at the website and the photos and before my friend arrived, we agreed to a shooting.

To get back to the point, she asked me to bring that black Pamy downcoat along at the shooting. Indeed, I was surprised as she simply undressed in the middle of the work and pulled it over. She admitted, she always wanted to try how it feels to be naked in a long coat. Unfortunately, she never had the chance to, as her drawer only had short jackets available.

This scene and make that both split up a little later, even more, as we already agreed into another shooting.

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