Blue swimsuit – Pattys little secret

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I really do love home shootings. This time it was Patty inviting me to her apartment to take photos in her own home zone. Strangely this really kicks me every time. Not know how it looks there, but knowing I will see the girl’s drawer or things she thought we could use. Same with this lovely blue swimsuit Patty take out of her sports clothes box, she opened it and at the first sight my eye caught the blue shiny spandex fabric

Surely this suit had a history to tell. During her younger days, she was practicing high diving at our local swim club. This blue swimsuit was all that was left from this career as she quit due to a shoulder injury. She never had the heart to throw it away, so it remained in her box of clothes. Only during summer days, she took it out and went to the beach wearing it. She admitted to me, she loved the way this swimsuit hugs her body and the feeling of the fabric when moving her hands over it.

Anyhow, when she appeared with the swimsuit from the dressing room, it was a gorgeous view. While she made a good look in normal clothes, this little bit of blue nothing revealed her well-shaped body. Even now, years ater the shooting, I remember the moving of the fabric on her body and the sound it made, when she rubbbed her hands over it or snipped the fabric to show it`s stretchiness. Even though you can`t see or hear what I experienced during the shooting, I hope these photos bring some of the magic to you 😉

Blue spandex leotard and pantyhose – preview pictures
blue spandex professional swimsuit girl standing blue spandex professional swimsuit view from the backside blue spandex professional swimsuit view from the backside hands behind the fabric