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A pretty nice shooting I had with Drea some years ago. She`s been into the techno scene and modelled with Buffalo shoes and wide shine pants before she got into Spandex. As I had just one or two shooting in Spandex with her, I really remember the setting and the mood we were in at these appointments. Like we run hard techno music for the techno style shootings, this set with the pink spandex leggings we created listening to chill-out music. This soft and smooth sounds really fit the fabric she wears.

It was impressive to see how the tight shiny spandex clothes fit her. She`s been a real woman, having curves and especially that made the spandex look really sexy on her. Similar to big fashion shows, we did fitting the evening before the shooting. Apparently, she did not wear such spandex clothes before, leggings were not so much in fashion at that time. Once she had the first outfit dressed, her mood really brightened up. She`d been thinking worse about the look of spandex on her, obviously.

As she dressed more and more of what I had in my luggage, she began to like that fabric and feel. In the end, when we were ready with the fitting, she sits around with a tight shiny catsuit the whole evening. When I asked her if she wanted to dress into something more comfortable, a simple NO told everything.

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