Private shiny spandex leggings

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Almost a year ago, I met Lana for a video shooting in an empty apartment. After we finished the kinky stuff for the other website, there was some time left. I had quite a nice collection of spandex stuff with me, so I asked her to do some leggings photos. She instantly wrapped up these blue spandex leggings and selected her pink sweater and the base cap to go with this outfit. I liked the idea to have her in some private shiny spandex leggings outfit and started the photo series.

Having her sitting at one of the walls first, I took the chance to get some nice bare feet photos of her too. For all you foot enthusiasts out there, something special for you! With the changing lights over the time, we moved towards the windows. She really made some nice poses there, I love the style of these photos. I`m sure you will enjoy this shiny spandex leggings girl too.

Sometimes when I post such series, some of you are asking me where I got these lovely leggings from – I don`t remember. Could be I got it here


Private shiny spandex leggings – preview pictures
private shiny spandex leggings girl private shiny spandex leggings girl private shiny spandex leggings girl