Puma downjacket and tight blue jeans

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When I first saw this Puma downjacket at a local department store, I was disappointed about the long announced new collection. A few weeks later I saw a girl wearing that jacket in colour black. At the first moment, I didn`t realise it was that Puma downjacket I saw at the store. I just looked at it and said to myself: “You got to find one like this for the shootings”.

Just a few hours later, I spend some time with colleagues at a local cafe, I saw that girl sitting on a table next to us. Her jacket was hanging limb down on the chair’s backrest. On her way to the toilet, she dragged it down, without noticing it. Her boyfriend or companion or whatsoever did not notice too. I took my chance to get up and pick it up from the floor, handing the downjacket to him. While I held it in my hands, I looked for the tag inside the jacket and was surprised to see, that it reads Puma.

During the next days, I went through all the big online stores and eBay. After a while, I stumbled across an auction with some misspelt words and brands name. When my bid was the highest one late at night, I was the new owner of this blue downjacket. The package arrived a few days later, excited like a child on Christmas, I opened it. The jacket itself was brand new, obviously never been worn outside. It took me just a few days to arrange a shooting with Michelle and let her wear that jacket.


Puma downjacket and tight blue jeans – preview pictures
Puma downjacket and tight blue jeans sitting on a chair Puma downjacket and tight blue jeans sitting on a chair Puma downjacket and tight blue jeans picture from behind with hood up