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I met Gemma as the short-time girlfriend of a buddy during the mid-2000s. During the few weeks of their relationship, I talked her into a photo shooting. As she`s been a real rave babe, Gemma`s closet was filled with shiny nylon and shiny spandex rave wear. I did not even need half of the clothes I usually had with me. As she arrived, the trunk of her car was overfilled with rave and techno clothes. She had sorted all kinds of shiny rave pants, tight tops, high boots and shoes in there. Spoken, in other words, this was technogirls photographers dreamland!

When we get all the clothes to the shooting location upstairs, I already sorted the outfits she should wear. WIthin all the rave pants, she had this special one, I had been seeing on raves before, but never could get a hand on or buying it. The pants with the written sign “PIERCING” were seldom sold and made in Blue, Black and Red colored nylon. I asked her to wear that first, finding a matching white and blue crop top in my bag. As she`s having a lot of different shoes with her, it was hard for me to select a nice matching pair. My decision went towards black platform boots from Swears. Once she was fully dressed, we took a few “warm-up” photos, before I decided to go live.

When taking the first series with new girls, the usual results are not worth to show. From my experience, it takes a while for the model getting comfortable with the situation. With Gemma, it was one of those rare newbie shoots when everything’s working like charm from the very first moment. So here`s the first series I took with the lovely Gemma. Natural rave babe from East Germany.

Rave babe Gemma – preview pictures
Rave Babe in blue techno pants and black Swear platform boots Rave Babe in blue techno pants and black Swear platform boots Rave Babe in blue techno pants and black Swear platform boots


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