Ravebabe and black Buffalo towers

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I will always remember the girls in tight jeans with belly button free tops and black Buffalo tower shoes. When you where on the streets in the early 2000s, Buffalos and Ravebabes were, literally spoken, everywhere.  When I met Ravebabe Nicollè these days, she was usually dressed like this. Her drawers were filled with sexy techno wear.  I visited her once in her apartment and she did open the drawer doors for me.

An amazing view, I can tell you. Memories of small tops, sexy hip jeans and shiny techno pants fade into my mind, still. Her shoe bin was special too. Even if she was a tall girl, she loved high shoes. Apart from High-Heels and boots, she had quite an extensive collection of Buffalo and Swear shoes. The black Buffalo tower shoes she did wear during this set came from this cabinet.

This set I took at the very beginning of our outdoor shooting these days. She arrived wearing that style, being the ultimate rave babe and perfectly fitting into my scheme of models.

Ravebabe in black Buffalo tower shows – preview pictures
Ravebabe in black Buffalo towers Ravebabe in black Buffalo towers Ravebabe in black Buffalo towers