Raver pants and Buffalo boots

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As a photographer or content producer, you always got a few remarkable shootings. You remember them with good or bad thoughts. This can be because of something happen during the shooting or because of the model or … In my case, one of these shootings is especially this one here with Alexa. If I would have known, this going to be a one time shooting only, I would have extended it by a few hours. But it looked promising as we first met and so these few technogirl series are all I have. Starting off with her silver raver pants and Buffalo boots, this pretty girl knows how to play with the camera.

Even though it was her first ever photo shooting, she acted like an experienced model. With her smiling and the well-shaped body, she`s been an eye-catcher in the techno clothes. When we arranged that shooting by SMS (yeah, there was no Whatsapp at this time), she offered to bring her own Buffalo boots. I was really happy when she showed me her black and white Buffalo tower boots. At the time we were working together, they were still in fashion, so she was wearing them when we met.

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Raver pants and Buffalo boots Raver pants and Buffalo boots Raver pants and Buffalo boots