Red latex catsuit on model newbie

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When meeting Samira for the first time in the early 2000s, I never expected her to wear a red latex catsuit like this. She got in contact with me on an ad I placed in a city newspaper. Her first SMS sounded very shy, so I almost rejected the contact. But as the response to the ad was not that good, I met her. At the coffee bar with her, she wasn`t shy at all. She turned out to be very self-reliant, a young woman with dreams and a plan to reach it. Even if there were still some days until we had the first shooting, I already knew what I wanted to see her wearing.

On the shooting day, she arrived with a big bag of clothes and shoes. Being a smaller person in size, she wears high Buffalo tower shoes almost all the time. So, surprisingly, she had 5! pairs of high shoes in that bag, together with some shiny cloth. Also, her hair changed from blonde to black since we first met a few days ago. Working through the clothes and sets I had in mind for this shooting, she found that red latex catsuit in my cloth pile. I did not recognize her taking it aside into the dressing room. So I was positively surprised when she returned to the shooting room, dressed like this.

Closing this catsuit was not so easy, even for a small person like she is, it`s almost impossible to close the suit by yourself if you are in. So she asked me to pull the zipper up, which I did, knowing this suit will make it hard for her to breathe, putting some pressure on her throat. But she handled that very professionally, no complaints, no words about it. Just doing her acting and posing for the camera. I still take my hat off for that habit, it`s not common sense.


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