Red puffer downcoat outdoor

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As I was searching for special downgear, my search let me find this beautiful red puffer downcoat. On a french website, this one really caught my attention. The photos were not that pretty, but I guessed how it would look. When the package arrived and I opened up the big box, my expectations were fully met. The light weight coat has a noble shine, and a very good workmanship. Really a high-price boutique coat, bought for a bargain price.

That lovely red downcoat was one of the highlights at the outdoor shooting I did with Cesara. Her outfit, black leather leggings, and brown leather boots matched that downcoat perfectly. When shooting this in an old factory area, we had some stroller passing by. Cesara received a few very nice comments about that look from them, as we talked about the location and the photo shooting we did. After quite a while, the couple continued their way, leaving us working.

If you like spandex and downgear in public, this is set is a must for you.

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red puffer downcoat red puffer downcoat red puffer downcoat