Satin dress – Shiny blue summer girl

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On this warm, or better said, hot summer day, I did a shooting with two new girls at once. Gia, the blonde girl you see here, contacted me on a newspaper ad I had placed a few weeks before. She was a student in another city but originally came from my town. As a real party girl, she was sewing her own clothes for her nights out. I asked her to bring some along to the shooting, as the theme was Technogirlies. Within the bunch of clothes, I discovered this nice blue satin dress she is wearing here. I asked her to dress it together with her white plateau sandals on naked feet.

It was really hot on this day, the sun was burning. Even if it was past 6 in the afternoon, she was happy to dress something thin and with less fabric. When she returned from the dressing area, she was a vision of delight. The sun was really shining her short satin dress and she absolutely knew how to walk in those shoes. Her long legs and slight build made her look like a satin princess on the red carpet.

Satin dress – preview pictures
Satin dress - summer girl Satin dress - summer girl Satin dress - summer girl