Satin and PVC rave babe

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During the early ages of my Technogirlies website, I had a client asking for some custom photos. His likes were Asian style dresses made off satin. These so-called Cheongsams were hard to find these days. While the e-commerce was still in the early stage of development, it was not easy to get my hands on one. It took me quite a while to even find a place where I could buy one.

As I was on a local market during these times, I recognized a market booth of a Vietnamese trader. He offered some traditional clothing and had, in one corner, a selection of Cheongsam dresses. I walked by a few times before I had the heart to ask for the long red one. Apparently, it was rather cheap and a real bargain in my eyes. The other dress I bought through a printed catalogue from a mail order business.

When I pulled out the dresses, Nicollè reacted a little deranged. She was doubtful if that dresses would fit her well. As she saw the photos afterwards, she was amazed about that look. She said, in combination with that black leather boots, these Cheongsams looked quite perfect to wear on a rave. She did felt comfortable with the results.

Satin and PVC babe – preview pictures
Satin and PVC babe Satin and PVC babe Satin and PVC babe