Satin rave pants and buffalo shoes

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When I first met Janice, she was on her way for a job interview at my former company. Her goal was to get a contract for an apprenticeship. She was walking through our rooms, a tight black pant on and high-heels on her feet. Who saw her was talking about her. She`s been an eye-catcher, pretty clear to name that. The time passed and she started that apprenticeship and was really making a good job. As she came to my department for a few weeks the first time, I took the chance. She was wearing satin rave pants sometimes during that time, as they were in fashion. So I asked if she might let me photograph her, not telling about my website at that time. She easily agreed after I showed her some of my non-fetish work.

So from time to time, we met, taking some photos for her private use. After a while, having about 5 to 6 shootings with her, I asked if she would like to model for my website Technogirlies. I knew money was short for her during that time, so I offered her a paid shooting. She was ok with that offer, so we met at a local club having our first “commercial” shooting together. She`s been a perfect techno model, coloured hair and really liking that outfits and styles.

This series is the first of this shooting, showing her in her own satin rave pants, red Buffalo shoes and a shiny nylon blouse.

Satin rave pants – preview pictures
satin rave pants and buffalo shoes satin rave pants and buffalo shoes satin rave pants and buffalo shoes