Satin and Satin shorts – 2017 year collection

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Satin shorts were always a thematic question since the early times of Spandexplanet and the parent websites Shinylovers, Spandexlovers and Lycralovers. From the very early days, people came up to me, asking for satin shorts pictures. I can remember a guy sending some shorts and shiny spandex string pants. This happened just a few month after I started the first website back in 1999.

So over the years, I took a few series of shiny shorts and satin clothes. It has never been a focus of my work, but it`s a very nice addition to the spandex theme. Now, with the restart of Spandexplanet, I have given the Satin Shorts and Satin lovers in general an own section. Also, when I am doing a spandex shooting, I do use satin shorts as a kind of accessories.

This year, I updated a few satin shorts and satin clothes series. Each of it has been very welcomed by the community. I surely will keep up this path and continue to create new series.

Satin shorts 2017 – preview pictures
Satin shorts and spandex leotard Satin Shorts and shiny spandex leggings Nylon shorts girl Black Adidas Shorts Red satin shorts from Adidas
Satin Downjacket girl Steffi Girl wearing a shiny red satin jacket and red PVC pants with matching red Buffalo boots Shiny Satin Shorts from Adidas with shiny nylon windbreaker jacket shiny black satin pants, shiny white satin top, buffalo tower boots Shiny Satin Girl - Blonde with Buffalo Boots
Shiny silver leotard - black satin shorts Red Adidas satin shorts and black spandex leotard Adidas Satin Shorts in Black Satin Shorts and silver spandex catsuit