Satin shorts and shiny spandex leggings

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When I remember my shootings I did during the mid-2000s years, I always come to this special one with Simone. I met her on a very rainy day in January 2005. It was cold and windy outside and we were lucky to had this nice location in the centre of Leipzig. In the first place, it was completely surprising when Simone returned from her shooting preparations. From the normal look she arrived with, she turned into a real eye-catching bombshell. Furthermore to the blonde hairs and the seductive makeup, she dressed in a very tight shiny spandex leggings and put shiny blue satin shorts over it. The tiny spandex sports bra showed more then it hides.

It turns out, she`s a shy person. Starting the shooting wasn`t too easy. Even with her experience as a gogo-girl, she was very cautious during the first photos. In my humble opinion, this makes the first series the best of this shooting. Her shy views, her reserved poses, her perfect body combined with that, a photo series I always have good memories on.

I selected this outfit as a result of customers wish and sending of the satin shorts. The tight shiny leggings are a little too small for her, as they`re size S and she usually needs M. The same with the sports bra, too tight for her, but that makes it great looking, though

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Satin Shorts and shiny spandex leggings Satin Shorts and shiny spandex leggings Satin Shorts and shiny spandex leggings