Satin shorts and blue spandex leotard

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Back in the year 2009, I met Janice and her friend Karolina. While Janice contacted me on my local city magazine ad, she brought her friend to the meeting. This couple was a rather good contrast, one blonde girl and a matching dark haired. Although it was hard to get our schedules matched for a date, I managed to get this shooting done quickly after the first meeting. My girlfriend offered to do the shooting, as I was busy with my daytime job. She met the girls at our location, we had at that time. Starting with some easier outfits, she slowly got the girls wearing the tight and shiny stuff. Janice is wearing a tight blue spandex leotard and black [amazon_textlink asin=’B018796Q0I’ text=’Adidas’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’spandexplanet-21′ marketplace=’DE’ link_id=’d2b8b206-d729-11e7-b195-153acfd93ad1′] satin shorts while Karolina dressed in a nude spandex bodysuit.

Even if my girlfriend is not the best photographer under this sun, the photos are nice to look at. She`s been talking the girls into clothes, they usually won`t wear. Enjoy this small series.

Satin shorts and blue spandex leotard – preview pictures
Satin shorts and spandex leotard Satin shorts and spandex leotard Satin shorts and spandex leotard